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Undergraduate Admission

Undergraduate Admission

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UCC of "SAY (Study at Yeungnam)"

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Admissions Guideline  Admissions Guideline

Application Schedule

  • Application Schedule - First Intake
    Procedure Schedule Remarks
    Submission of Application materials June 16, 2021 ~
    July 7, 2021
    - Mailing address:
    International Cooperation Team, Office of International Affairs
    2nd floor of International Building
    Yeungnam University
    280 Daehak-ro, Gyeongsan, Gyeongbuk
    38541, Republic of Korea
    Notification of Admission July 19, 2021 Result will be personally notified and posted on
    Registration July 20~22, 2021 - To be announced
    Orientation End of August, 2021 - To be announced
    Start of Semester September 1, 2021


Selection Criteria

  • 1) Admission will be made through a screening process of the application documents.
    ※ If deemed necessary during the document screening process, individual interviews or performance tests can be conducted.
  • 2) If there are issues with document authenticity, eligibility, exam cheating, etc., admission will be revoked.

Admission Procedure

Submission of Application Materials
Document Screening & Eligibility Verification
Notification of Admission
Tuition Payment
Issuance of Certificate of Admission
Issuance of Student ID & Course Registration


  • Freshmen Scholarship for the 1st Semester

    Scholarships - 2nd Semester and Afterwards
    Scholarship Eligibility
    100% Tuition Waiver Applicants who have a TOPIK level 5 or 6
    70% Tuition Waiver Applicants who have a TOPIK level 4
    50% Tuition Waiver All other international students

  • The scholarship criteria for enrolled students may be subject to change.
  • 2nd Semester and Afterwards

    Scholarships - 2nd Semester and Afterwards
    Type Scholarship
    (per semester)
    Scholarship A 100% Tuition Waiver TOPIK level 4 or above
    (previous semester)GPA 4.3~4.5
    Scholarship B 70% Tuition Waiver TOPIK level 4 or above
    (previous semester)GPA 4.0~4.3
    Scholarship C 50% Tuition Waiver (previous semester)GPA 4.0 or above
    without TOPIK level 4
    (previous semester)GPA 3.0~4.0
    Scholarship D 30% Tuition Waiver (previous semester)GPA 2.5~3.0

On-campus Housing

  • 1) All international students must live in on-campus housing for one (1) year for the first academic year.
  • 2) On-campus Housing Fees
    (The following fees are based on Fall semester of 2019. They may be subject to change)
    * Gyeongbuk Global Exchange Center (For 6 Months)
    Gyeongbuk Global Exchange Center (For 6 Months)
    Type of Room Boarding Fee Deposit Meal Plan(optional)
    Double KRW 1,314,000 Single Payment : KRW 100,000
    Divided Payment(in 6 months) : KRW 300,000
    KRW 763,750
    (4 months, 3 meals a day)
    KRW 624,150
    (4 months, 2 meals a day)
  • 3) Information of Gyeongbuk Global Exchange Center (
  • 4) Dormitory cancellation penalties may apply in case of cancelling a dormitory application due to personal matters.
  • 5) Meal plan: 3 meals or 2meals a day including weekends (offered during the semester)
    - Students staying during summer or winter vacations who wish to have a meal plan must pay additional costs.

1st Year Basic Curriculum for the International Students(Required)

  • Internationl students admitted as freshmen must complete ‘the 1st Year Basic Curriculum for the International Students for graduation.
  • Curriculum formation : Korean, Korean culture, Society related and other common required generals (about 33 credits in total)
  • ※ Students who completed a 12-year education(from elementary to high school) in Korea will be exempted to ‘the 1stYear Basic Curriculum for the International Students’

International Students Insurance (Required)

  • International Students of Yeungnam Unviersity must sign up for insurance.(Approximately KRW 120,000 per year)
  • Insurance information is scheduled to be shared during the orientation after enrollment.
  • Members of National Health Insurance and other insurances must notify to International Student Services during orientation.
  • International students will be compulsorily subscribed to the local subscriber scheme of the National Health Insurance from March, 2021 by the policy of Republic of Korea government.(Approximately KRW 60,000 per month)
  • Students without insurance may have disadvantages during course registeration and in other ways.
  • Detailed information will be provided during the orientation.

Certification of Admission and VISA

  • Certification of Admission will be issue after the tuition payment is confirmed.

  • VISA Issuance for Students Overseas

    • The following documents will be sent to the admitted students : Certificate of admission, university registration certificate, certificate of tuition payment, etc.
    • VISA : Apply for visa by submitting documents from Yeungnam University and others as requested by the Korean Embassy.
    • Each Korean Embassy may request additional documents for issuing a Visa. In this case, contact your local Korean Embassy or consulate before applying for the Visa.


  • Phone: +82-53-810-7876(Chinese, Korean), +82-53-810-7872(English)+82-53-810-7882(Vietnamese)
  • Email: