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Yeungnam University has an international dormitory of excellent quality, Yanghyunjae (E-Dong).


1) Yanghyunjae(E-Dong)

Yanghyunjae (E-Dong) is an air-conditioned, coed home for 184 students. Yanghyunjae (E-Dong) offers rooms for 2 students and 4 students in a traditional corridor style with shared bathrooms. Bathrooms are equipped with several shower stalls, toilets and sinks that are cleaned Monday through Friday by custodial staff.

2) Assignment Priority

All students should submit all required application materials including online housing application by the application deadline and transfer housing fee during the dormitory registration period.


Applications for students requesting roommate preferences are processed first when students apply together: 2 students together for a 2 person room. The remaining applications from students who do not have a roommate preference are then processed on a random basis according to lifestyle preferences indicated on the application.

3) Residence Hall Rates & Payment

Students must pay all the necessary residence hall rates (KRW) during the dormitory registration period.


Residence Hall Rates & Payment
Residence Hall Occupancy Semester (4 Months) Meal Plan(Optional)
Yanghyunjae(E-Dong) Double 594,000 634,600
Quadruple 601,000

*1 USD is about 1,000 KRW. NOTE: Exact amount can change each semester.

4) Dormitory Cafeteria

Students who chose to have dormitory meal plan can eat at the dormitory cafeteria.


Students can access to cafeteria by placing student ID card (Or type student ID number) on the computer screen in front of cafeteria entrance. Three meals are provided at the following designated time;


  • Breakfast: 07:20 ~ 08:50
  • Lunch: 11:20 ~ 13:50
  • Dinner: 17:00 ~ 19:00

5) Terms of Contract

All students must agree to comply with the rules and regulations within the Residence Hall Contract when making a housing application.


Students are responsible for observing and acknowledging the Yeungnam University regulations and procedures. Yeungnam University reserves the right to make additional rules and regulations as may be necessary for the safety, care and hygiene of the premises and for the preservation of order. Student must agree to abide by all the additional rules and regulations that are adopted. Violations of residence rules and regulations may result in university disciplinary action. The following are some examples of the rules and regulations;


  • - The use of alcoholic beverages and smoking is prohibited inside all the residence halls. Furthermore, all areas within residence halls are smoke-free.
  • - Tampering with any fire-fighting equipment, including, but not limited to, fire alarms, fire extinguishers, fire hoses, exit lights, smoke detectors, and sprinkler systems is strictly prohibited.
  • - Damage to public areas and furnishings within a residence hall is considered to be the responsibility of the residents of that building, unit, or floor. If individuals responsible for damage cannot be identified, the residents of the building, unit, or floor will become collectively responsible for the cost of repair and/or replacement.
  • - Visitors of the same gender ONLY are permitted in the residents' rooms and on their floors. Visiting hours are from 8am until 10pm. Guests are only permitted after signing in at the information desk. They must also sign out before departure. Residents are responsible for the behavior of their guests, and bear all consequences of the violation of the Hall's regulations. No mixed gender visits in the residents' rooms are permitted under any circumstances and at any time.

  • - Individual or group activities that result in distress or disturbance to others are prohibited. Individual or group activities that can cause damage or destruction to property are also prohibited. Types of behavior that fall into this category include, but are not limited to, hall sports, hallway disruptions, smoking in nonsmoking designated areas, unsanitary conditions, pranks, use of water guns, and placing trash in public areas.

6) Refund Policy

Before Official Check-in date: All fees will be refunded to the student.


After Check-in date: A Partial refund will be given to the student according to the policy.


* Note: Refunds are made only to the URP registered bank account under applicable students’ name.