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Undergraduate Admission

Undergraduate Admission

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Admissions Guideline  Admissions Guideline

◎ Application Schedule

  • Application Schedule - First Intake
    Procedure Schedule Remarks
    Submission of Application materials December 18, 2019 ~
    January 8, 2020
    - Mailing address:
    International Student Services Office
    2nd floor of International Building
    Yeungnam University
    280 Daehak-ro, Gyeongsan, Gyeongbuk
    38541, Republic of Korea
    Notification of Admission January 20, 2020 Result will be posted on
    Registration January 21~23, 2020 - Invoice of tuition fees will be available at
    - Register at Daegu bank
    Orientation February 2020 - Please wait for further notice.
    Start of Semester March 2, 2020


◎ Selection Criteria

  • 1) Admission will be made through a screening process of the application documents.
    ※ If deemed necessary during the document screening process, individual interviews or performance tests can be conducted.
  • 2) If there are issues with document authenticity, eligibility, exam cheating, etc., admission will be revoked.

◎ Admission Procedure

Submission of Application Materials
Document Screening and Eligibility Verification
Notification of Admission
Payment of Tuition
Issuance of Certificate of Admission
Class Registration
Entry of University

◎ Scholarships

  • ■ Freshmen Scholarship for the 1st Semester
    Scholarships - 2nd Semester and Afterwards
    Scholarship Eligibility
    100% Tuition Waiver Applicants who have a TOPIK level 5 or 6
    70% Tuition Waiver Applicants who have a TOPIK level 4
    50% Tuition Waiver All other international students
    • The scholarship criteria for enrolled students may be subject to change.
  • ■ 2nd Semester and Afterwards
    Scholarships - 2nd Semester and Afterwards
    Scholarship Eligibility
    100% Tuition Waiver TOPIK level 4 or above and GPA 4.3 ~ 4.5
    70% Tuition Waiver TOPIK level 4 or above and GPA 4.0 ~ less than 4.3
    50% Tuition Waiver Those who are without TOPIK 4 and GPA 3.0 ~ less than 4.0
    30% Tuition Waiver GPA 2.5~ less than 3.0

◎ On-campus Housing

  • 1) All international students must live in on-campus housing for one (1) year for the first academic year.
  • 2) On-campus Housing Fees
      (The following fees are based on Fall semester of 2019. They may be subject to change)
      * Gyeongbuk Global Exchange Center (For 6 Months)
    Gyeongbuk Global Exchange Center (For 6 Months)
    Type of Room Boarding Fee Deposit Meal Plan(optional)
    Double KRW 1,290,000 Single Payment : KRW 100,000
    Divided Payment(in 6 months) : KRW 300,000
    KRW 763,750
    (4 months, 3 meals a day)
    KRW 624,150
    (4 months, 2 meals a day)
  • 3) Information of Gyeongbuk Global Exchange Center (
  • 4) Dormitory cancellation penalties may apply in case of cancelling a dormitory application due to personal matters.
  • 5) Meal plan: 3 meals or 2meals a day including weekends (offered during the semester)
      - Students staying during summer or winter vacations who wish to have a meal plan must pay additional costs.

◎ 1stYear Basic Curriculum for the International Students(Required)

  • - Internationl students admitted as freshmen must complete ‘the 1st Year Basic Curriculum for the International Students for graduation.
  • - Curriculum formation : Korean, Korean culture, Society related and other common required generals (about 33 credits in total)
  • ※ Students who completed a 12-year education(from elementary to high school) in Korea will be exempted to ‘the 1stYear Basic Curriculum for the International Students’

◎ International Students Insurance (Required)

  • - International Students of Yeungnam Unviersity must sign up for insurance.
  • - Insurance information is scheduled to be shared during the orientation after enrollment.
  • - Members of National Health Insurance and other insurances must notify to International Student Services during orientation.
  • - Insurance Cost: Approximately KRW 150,000 KRW (on a yearly basis).
  • - Students without insurance may have disadvantages during course registeration and in other ways.
  • - Detailed information will be provided during the orientation.

◎ Certification of Admission and VISA

  • ■ Certification of Admission will be issue after the tuition payment is confirmed.
  • ■ VISA Issuance for Students Overseas
    • - The following documents will be sent to the admitted students : Certificate of admission, university registration certificate, certificate of tuition payment, etc.
    • - VISA : Apply for visa by submitting documents from Yeungnam University and others as requested by the Korean Embassy.
    • - Each Korean Embassy may request additional documents for issuing a Visa. In this case, contact your local Korean Embassy or consulate before applying for the Visa.

◎ Contact